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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello World!

I have tried my hand at blogs before...but this time is going to be different...because I am pledging to blog at least 3 times a week. Since I do have a day job...this is my hobby...until one day I am a millionaire because of my simple idea of Sugar Balls & Gumdrops!

By no means is this site politically correct! I will speak my mind and opinions like a fat kid eats cake! So lets do this! Come follow me on my adventure of Fashion, Food, and what I like to call Fancy (oh you fancy huh?!) Stay tuned for our Metro Men Section (coming soon).

I am a Pinterest fanatic!! Follow me by clicking on the icon below.

and dag nam it! I can't figure out to make that picture a  little bit I'll go with my "the bigger the better" theory!

This is another tidbit about me...I have a hard time finishing 'every' project I start. I know those of you shaking your yes, I know exactly what she is talking about...that project you started but didn't like where it was stopped and start a new project, thinking to myself 'oh, I'll get back to that one later'. 

My personal goal for this blog is to get to 1000 followers by the end of 2012! So please subscribe on the right to get updates and projects delivered directly to your e-mail.


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