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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Target Fart Bandit

Dear Woman Who Farted Loudly and Obnoxiously in Target:

Today sugar balls and I were enjoying some time to ourselves while perusing Target in hopes to find a new bed spread (I'll get to that story later!) when low and behold you would never believe the audacity!

First off let me start by saying...I understand that we all get gas from time to time. However!!!! There is a time and a place for everything. What in your right mind would make you think that it was okay to walk down the aisle directly behind me and let one rip! People when I say rip...I mean ~~!RIP~~!! The loudest fart I have ever ever heard in public. I was thinking to myself was that what I think it might want to go to the bathroom and wipe after that one!! Not to mention you stopped me dead in my tracks to turn around and see who in the hell would do that in my disbelief when I turned around you clearly looked me in my eyes and saw I was standing there...not to mention you were a WOMAN! I would say lady...but we all know ladies don't act that way. I couldn't help but laugh my a$$ off!! I couldn't get away fast enough to hide the uncontrollable laughter. Sugar balls stood by in disbelief as well!

SO I'm just wondering....and keep in mind this is coming from someone who would never even think about farting in front of my man (that I have been with for over 5 years) and in my sleep doesn't count! Why do you think that letting one loose in the middle of the home decor section in Target would be appropriate?

All right readers....I know you have a story about this...Have you ever let one rip in public?



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth Of July Nail Design Tutorial

Hello Friends and Happy Fourth of July!! Today is one that I plan to enjoy!!! All of the preparation was completed early last night!! I'll be sharing pictures of my Fourth themed dessert later tonight! So yummy!! and fun and festive!!

In honor of our Independence Day I have a Fourth of July manicure for you. I have posted pictures of the four easy steps to this beauty! I know its a little late for you to enjoy unless you do your manicure in the next hour...but try mixing up the colors with the same design for some fun funkiness!! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Here are my bare naked nails!! Yikes...pretty ugly without the pretty polish. I always start with a base of gel to help the strength of my nails...without it they are pretty brittle and break easily.

Another key component to all of my manicures is to start with a white base nail polish. You will find that those polishes that look thin (you know the one that was .99 cents and you thought what the heck...then when you get home and put it on your nails it looks like a light cloud of what might be the color pink....) well this will solve all of your problems with nail polish color. Especially with the *HOT* trend of neons, a white base really helps them *POP*.  

This picture is the step of adding red stripes for the first effect of your red and white striped flag component. I did a thick stripe down the middle of the nail and used my thin nail art brush to add one thin red line on each side of the thick line down the middle. 

The second step of the red and white stripes is to take your white nail art paint (thin brush) and make two thin white stripes down the middle of the large red stripe.

For the last step I used my handy dandy scotch tape to make the triangle tip and added a glitter star. I always top my manicures with Seche Vite Fast works wonders and allows me to enjoy my manicure shortly after it is complete. This stuff is amaze balls!! And if you are balking over the $8.99 price tag trust me its worth it!! I am a penny pincher...and this is one that I will SPLURGE for!
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Love Always,
Your Personal Nail Porn Star!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello World!

I have tried my hand at blogs before...but this time is going to be different...because I am pledging to blog at least 3 times a week. Since I do have a day job...this is my hobby...until one day I am a millionaire because of my simple idea of Sugar Balls & Gumdrops!

By no means is this site politically correct! I will speak my mind and opinions like a fat kid eats cake! So lets do this! Come follow me on my adventure of Fashion, Food, and what I like to call Fancy (oh you fancy huh?!) Stay tuned for our Metro Men Section (coming soon).

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and dag nam it! I can't figure out to make that picture a  little bit I'll go with my "the bigger the better" theory!

This is another tidbit about me...I have a hard time finishing 'every' project I start. I know those of you shaking your yes, I know exactly what she is talking about...that project you started but didn't like where it was stopped and start a new project, thinking to myself 'oh, I'll get back to that one later'. 

My personal goal for this blog is to get to 1000 followers by the end of 2012! So please subscribe on the right to get updates and projects delivered directly to your e-mail.


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